We’ve had Ray for about four years, well, he’s almost five, and over the past two years he’s developed an aggression toward other dogs. We tried the dog park, which went well the first time we went, but we’ve not returned since our fourth visit when someone recognized Ray and asked him if he’d be on his best behavior that day. Most recently, my wife’s brother (our neighbor) brought home Lily, a very playful, energetic Siberian Husky. Ray is not happy.

After trying to deal with the situation on our own, we needed to call a professional. Through a strange twist of fate, we were able to learn of Dana and her extensive experience. After a brief phone consultation we agreed on an evening for a first session, which was outstanding! Dana arrived with her Pit Bull, Jayda — the perfect tester for Ray, as she’s a very dominant dog. Right away, Dana was able to tell that Ray was the “trouble-maker” and ascertained that he’s a very dominant dog himself — something I don’t think we quite fathomed completely.

Throughout the hour and a half session Dana was able to assess Raymond’s challenges and abilities, and she gave us the tools we would need to reclaim our home (yes, we had given it all to Ray) and our lives from our otherwise fantastic Scottie. Most important, we learned that while we might be good trainers, we had lost the psychological piece of the puzzle.

It has been about a month since Dana’s visit, and we have made remarkable progress with Ray, though we still have a long road ahead (as Dana assured us we would)! Ray and Lily can sit quietly while the family enjoys dinner, they can walk together, and generally roam the yard in relative peace. I am confident that we will lead Ray to his fullest potential as a member of our pack!