Daisy and Flash

I got my Dachshund Flash when he was 4-years old. Although he was very loving to me I realized right away that he had a lot of behavior problems. When scared he would snap at people, especially children, and he attacked any dog that came near him. Because of his behavior I couldn’t take Flash places where there would be children or a lot of dogs. Classes did not work, and I kept being told that there was nothing I could do.

Thankfully, my veterinarian told me to call Dana Malone. I noticed a change in Flash within a month of our first session. She explained how Flash responded to my behavior and that the best way for me to change him was to first change how I interacted with him. She gave me simple exercises to help assert my leadership and therefore make Flash feel more secure.

Three years later, Flash is an amazingly happy dog. He is great with kids and dogs. Any child can walk up and pet him and he is behaved around other dogs. Even better, I know how to be his leader and control his behavior. Because of Dana’s help Flash was able to be the ring bearer at my wedding last October, and he readily accepted our new female dachshund in to our home.

We owe so much happiness in our household due to the incredible knowledge and skill of Dana Malone. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for a well-balanced relationship with their canine companion.