Kona is a totally different dog today from when we got her and we owe it all to Dana Malone. When Kona first came into our lives, she had such fear aggression, she had to be muzzled at the vet because she would try to attack the doctor and she could not be around many people. From what we could piece together from her past, Kona was a victim of abuse and torment. She especially did not like kids and there was no way we could even think about having her in the same room as a child.

We met Dana almost 4 years ago through our vet, and with her help, Kona has become a dog we never would have thought possible. When we go to the vet now, Kona does not wear a muzzle, she is patient and kind with all the staff members and she shows no fear aggression to them. When Kona meets new people, she welcomes them with a tail wag and a “smile”. Kona can now be around kids, she shows no aggression to them whatsoever. To put it all in perspective, before we met Dana, a trip to the vet with Kona would be horrible, for her and us. She would have to be muzzled and held, for fear of her lunging and biting someone. She was considered a “dangerous” dog. After Dana started working with Kona, the trips to the vet went a million times better. Now, everyone at the vet’s office knows Kona and is able to come up to her and give her a scratch and say hello.

Kona did have an accident a while back and it resulted in her having to get her front leg removed. She was at the vet for a total of 3 days, and with Dana’s help, Kona breezed through it, and did wonderfully. We would have NEVER thought that possible before we met Dana. I fully believe Dana saved Kona and gave her the second chance she deserved. We always knew Kona was a great dog, and now because of Dana, Kona can finally show everyone that she is!

Joanne and Bryan