Dana has really made such a positive, wonderful and well needed change in our lives.  Everyone is doing better because of it and we are all really appreciative of it.  It is not only the dog/puppy that needs training but the owners/parents that really need the training/guidance/advice on everything (especially for us first timers).  We definitely are getting it all from Dana and it really can make such a difference and make things so much more enjoyable all around.  We all love Dana (including Boomer) and he has improved so much and hopefully we as parents will keep on getting better each day with everything as well.

I am so glad that we were referred to Dana and she will be our final trainer for sure!  (We are on our 3rd)  We learned more in one day with Dana than many weeks with other trainers.

Dana always spends extra time than originally planned and answers all of our questions (which there are many and we are probably overwhelming her by the time she leaves).  She is such a great resource and has so much information for us.

K & J