About Dana

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Dana has over 25 years of hands-on experience working with animals. During that time she has worked with animal shelters, animal control agencies, non profit rescue groups, zoos and veterinarians. For 14 years she owned and operated a medical service company which she retired from in 1998 so she could devote herself to working with people and dogs full time. She has worked with numerous renowned dog trainers and behaviorists. She has trained for, and participated in, Schutzhund competitions, agility, Search and Rescue as well as obedience and tracking trials. Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (www.CanineProfessionals.com) Certified through the American Kennel Club (www.akc.org) for Canine Good Citizen training and testing Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (www.apdt.com) In 2001 Dana was the first non-veterinarian to ever receive the State of Washington’s prestigious Humane Animal Welfare award. Since 1994 she has volunteered tirelessly in her community and she has received a good deal of local recognition for her ongoing work with animal rescue, adoption and welfare groups. She is one of the co-founders of Must Love Dogs NW (www.mustlovedogsnw.org) and was part of the Asilomar Accords Advisory Committee in support of ASAP Metro (www.asapmetro.org).

Over the years she has trained hundreds of dogs but what she discovered was that while the dogs were well behaved for her, they did not always act the same with the owners. She decided to develop her own training program to help dog owners relate to their dogs on a whole new level so they could achieve the same results she got. She believes this ultimately leads to an emotionally healthy, well behaved dog who is welcomed into all aspects of family living.

Dana currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and she owns a dog boarding camp where the dogs run the 6 wooded acres along the historic Brazos River, play on agility equipment and swim in an in-ground swimming pool specifically designed for dogs!   Canine Fitness Camp is a vacation destination for pampered pets!   www.caninefitnesscamp.com