Auggie’s Birthday

Auggie turned 3 years old yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that he’s been in my life for  1 1/2 years.    He’s an active, inquisitive, silly yet amazingly smart dog. Like most Boxers, he has two speeds;  full throttle or couch potato.   He has brought much joy to our family.  Happy Birthday!    

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Kim and I would both like to thank you for the time you spent with us on Saturday. You provided us with both insight and a wonderful morning. Just the little bit of technique you showed us has been eye opening. We have a houseful of people here today, and Bella is as calm as can be! We know we have a long way to go, but you showed us with the proper techniques, she can relax and most importantly, so can we.


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I have to tell you how absolutely astounded we are at the changes in both our Gidget(rescue) and our Jake(11 year old pain in the butt). I laughed out loud when I read how much you planned to reach in two hours.

As an untrained but very loving dog owner, I was doing everything all wrong, and they were responding accordingly.  Between the socialization of being around the other dogs, the lessons we learned together, and the extra exercise they got, We have seen an amazing Sunday and Monday. No chasing Gidget to get her in the house because she escaped!    She came to me!

Thank you again, and please, feel free to use me or my letter as a reference for the wonderful service you provide anytime.

respectfully, LL

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Dexter is doing great. My boyfriends dog spent the night last night for the first time. Hes gotten very relaxed around her. He was sleeping on his back and she walked right over him. He completely let his guard down with her. they walk good together, my boyfriend can take them both at the same time.  

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Your teaching was so right on.  Diva has continued to walk almost perfectly on the leash and comes to me most of the time now when called.    I appreciate your help tremendously. She is very smart and applying what you recommended made a huge difference immediately.


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Just wanted to drop you an email to say Thank You again for the help with Bella.  She is becoming a better apartment citizen.

Thanks again,

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Overall Spock is getting much better in ALL aspects.  He has done really well with getting into and spending time in his kennel.  We are now able to leave him in there during the day when we are gone, no more tearing up the house or furnishings!

Feeding time has gotten a lot better as well.  He now knows and does (without being told) to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ until we put the food dish down and tell him it is OK to eat. 

The jumping behavior has also gotten better.  He still gets pretty excited when we first come in the house and jumps up on us, but he has gotten better at stopping when told to. 

Thanks again for all your help,

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Hi there, hope things are well with you.  Sasha and I are continuing to make progress.  I’m sure you’ll be suprised that she’s been introduced to both of Tom’s boxers and they can at least tolerate each other (they have very different playing syles) as well as a 1 yr old female black lab that you didn’t meet the day you were here.  

Thanks again for everything,


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Dana has really made such a positive, wonderful and well needed change in our lives.  Everyone is doing better because of it and we are all really appreciative of it.  It is not only the dog/puppy that needs training but the owners/parents that really need the training/guidance/advice on everything (especially for us first timers).  We definitely are getting it all from Dana and it really can make such a difference and make things so much more enjoyable all around.  We all love Dana (including Boomer) and he has improved so much and hopefully we as parents will keep on getting better each day with everything as well.

I am so glad that we were referred to Dana and she will be our final trainer for sure!  (We are on our 3rd)  We learned more in one day with Dana than many weeks with other trainers.

Dana always spends extra time than originally planned and answers all of our questions (which there are many and we are probably overwhelming her by the time she leaves).  She is such a great resource and has so much information for us.

K & J

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Words cannot express my appreciation for our training session!!!   Our walks are going extremely well.  Also, Bentley is more receptive to my commands.   I will proceed with your directions and keep you informed.  I look so forward to seeing you again!


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