Some of Dana’s Favorite Things

Dana's Favorite ThingsTOYS

I split the toys into thirds and put only 1/3 of the toys out at a time, rotating them every week to prevent boredom.

Puzzle Toys by Kyjen (hide a squirrel, hide a bird, etc)

Invincible Chains

Jolly ball – won’t be deflated even if punctured but the dogs can chew the handle off so care should be taken that they don’t swallow it.

Kong toys (preferably the blue ones)

Bleached hollow white bones – I fill them with a mixture of ½ canned food and ½ cottage cheese.  Then I freeze them.  It takes the dog longer to get the treat out and it keeps the house cleaner when they are frozen.   Once your dog has emptied it out, you can put it in the dishwasher to disinfect it and then refill and freeze it again.

Cuz balls – the squeak will drive you crazy but your dogs will love it

Galileo bones – Not recommended for  dogs that are heavy chewers as these bones have no “give” and can crack teeth

Rainbow knob ball – plush toy that holds up pretty well

Hedgehogs (the larger grunting ones, not the squeak ones)

Buddy Glow Ball

Everlasting Treat Ball

Teaser Ball (I prefer the two smaller sizes even for larger dogs)


I feed Solid Gold www.solidgoldnorthwest.com and use Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls cut up into bite size pieces and frozen as treats    www.naturalbalanceinc.com


JB Wholesale   www.jbpet.com

Jeffers Pet    www.jefferspet.com

RuffWear    www.ruffwear.com the Approach Pack is one I use and recommend frequently

Wet Noz  www.wetnoz.com great dog dishes that look great and last forever

Dog Collars      www.2houndsdesign.com www.handcrafteddogcollars.com www.bellagiopets.com

Dog Tags  www.reddingo.net and www.fetchingtags.net


Bones Would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier

The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell