I cannot thank you enough for yesterday.  We learned so much about Molly.  It was wonderful to watch you with her on the floor letting her know what was acceptable and what was not.  You spoke her language and taught us how to do the same.   What a difference having this knowledge makes as we grow together.


With your tips and insight, not only will this journey be successful it will be fun for all of us.

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I wanted to thank you so much for coming.   We are all amazed at how well Diesel is doing.  We have taken him on several walks and it's like magic!   He is completely ignoring other dogs and hasn't gone "wild" on any of the walks.  He seems very happy and proud of himself.  I will not hesitate to recommend you.   Thanks for coming.  You saved Diesel and us from chaos!

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"Dana….I have to tell you how great Ranger is doing!! Yesterday 3 people came over that he was unfamiliar with…one was even a young boy…and he didn't react at all to them, just wagged his tail and let them pet him!! HUGE milestone! Thank you so much for all you help with him, he is my sweet boy!!"         CJB

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Oz and I had a wonderful walk when we got home. We cruised right past the two labs that lunge at the fence and then stick their noses under it and the choc lab that lunges at us. When Oz did not react they stopped barking at us. Oz just looked up at me like whatever. LOL I just gave him a pull as soon as he knew we were getting near them. We also greeted a new puppy in the neighborhood with no problems. Thank you so much!!     RS

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Just wanted to leave you a little note about how Olive and I are doing.  It is AMAZING the change in her behavior at home with me.  Since using the skills you taught me, she listens so much better.  When we are out walking, she is less distracted by dogs and it only takes small corrections to bring her back the to the desired behavior.  I am very excited about our future! Thanks so much.  It has clearly enhanced our relationship!!        KK

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I want to thank you so much for helping us with our dogs. Words can't really express how grateful we are for your expertise and incredible generosity with your time and knowledge.

L & T

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Dana I can not thank you enough for helping us with Ranger!  I am actually excited to use my new knowledge on him.  He is such a huge part of our family and I feel so hopeful now that he will gain self esteem!!

C sent this note to Dana

I am now a Dana believer!!  She did a great job with Ranger, but also with us…she had a way of putting us at ease and explaining why he is behaving this way, it made things less scary and I feel so much more in control…does she work with kids??  ūüėČ  

and sent this note to someone else about Dana

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Thank you!  Things are going so much better and he is actually listening to me which is a miracle.   His obedience is outstanding and we are well on our way to getting him titled.


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We are making progress at an amazing speed and are extremely encouraged.  Thank you for making this possible.


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Thanks to Dana Malone I have a happy pack.  Everyone is chilling on my bed, nobody is growling, everyone is responding…Dana, you are an angel…thank you thank you thank you!          VF, Vancouver

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The class was fun and what a difference it made. He walks nicely now and today we trusted him to stay with us off the leash around our house. He came when we called and was obviously ready to show us what a good boy he is.       VB


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Thanks for your help today. John and I feel more positive and confident about Gracie's future. With your training tips, we will do our best to help her be a sweet girl to other dogs. We look forward to your next visit - with your dogs.       JM
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Thank you, I really appreciate all you have done for me and my family.   I feel so much better about our future with Olene!    JF

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You did such great work.  Your help was a blessing.    K & C

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We want to thank you again for coming out and helping us with Wila. Walks are easier and walking out back in back yard is a pleasure with out being attacked. We plan to continue using as you recommended and keep you posted as I am sure we will have other things that come up as we grow together.

Enjoy and Thank you again.

BD and KD

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Mary was looking for a laid-back, lower energy dog when she adopted Jack.   He turned out to be quite the opposite but he was very loving (of her), protective and a fun companion so she really wanted to make the relationship work.

After working with me, only once, she sent a very sweet message which included the following quote:

"Well, I have been implementing your advice and it has been great!"     M.J.


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Kim and I would both like to thank you for the time you spent with us on Saturday. You provided us with both insight and a wonderful morning. Just the little bit of technique you showed us has been eye opening. We have a houseful of people here today, and Bella is as calm as can be! We know we have a long way to go, but you showed us with the proper techniques, she can relax and most importantly, so can we.


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I have to tell you how absolutely astounded we are at the changes in both our Gidget(rescue) and our Jake(11 year old pain in the butt). I laughed out loud when I read how much you planned to reach in two hours.

As an untrained but very loving dog owner, I was doing everything all wrong, and they were responding accordingly.  Between the socialization of being around the other dogs, the lessons we learned together, and the extra exercise they got, We have seen an amazing Sunday and Monday. No chasing Gidget to get her in the house because she escaped!    She came to me!

Thank you again, and please, feel free to use me or my letter as a reference for the wonderful service you provide anytime.

respectfully, LL

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Dexter is doing great. My boyfriends dog spent the night last night for the first time. Hes gotten very relaxed around her. He was sleeping on his back and she walked right over him. He completely let his guard down with her. they walk good together, my boyfriend can take them both at the same time.  

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Your teaching was so right on.  Diva has continued to walk almost perfectly on the leash and comes to me most of the time now when called.    I appreciate your help tremendously. She is very smart and applying what you recommended made a huge difference immediately.


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Just wanted to drop you an email to say Thank You again for the help with Bella.  She is becoming a better apartment citizen.

Thanks again,

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Overall Spock is getting much better in ALL aspects.  He has done really well with getting into and spending time in his kennel.  We are now able to leave him in there during the day when we are gone, no more tearing up the house or furnishings!

Feeding time has gotten a lot better as well.¬† He now knows and does (without being told) to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ until we put the food dish down and tell him it is OK to eat.¬†

The jumping behavior has also gotten better.  He still gets pretty excited when we first come in the house and jumps up on us, but he has gotten better at stopping when told to. 

Thanks again for all your help,

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Hi there, hope things are well with you.¬† Sasha and I are continuing to make progress.¬† I’m sure you’ll be suprised that she’s been introduced to both of Tom’s boxers and they can at least tolerate each other (they have very different playing syles) as well as a¬†1 yr old female black lab that you didn’t meet the day you were here.¬†¬†

Thanks again for everything,


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Dana has really made such a positive, wonderful and well needed change in our lives.  Everyone is doing better because of it and we are all really appreciative of it.  It is not only the dog/puppy that needs training but the owners/parents that really need the training/guidance/advice on everything (especially for us first timers).  We definitely are getting it all from Dana and it really can make such a difference and make things so much more enjoyable all around.  We all love Dana (including Boomer) and he has improved so much and hopefully we as parents will keep on getting better each day with everything as well.

I am so glad that we were referred to Dana and she will be our final trainer for sure!  (We are on our 3rd)  We learned more in one day with Dana than many weeks with other trainers.

Dana always spends extra time than originally planned and answers all of our questions (which there are many and we are probably overwhelming her by the time she leaves).  She is such a great resource and has so much information for us.

K & J

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Words cannot express my appreciation for our training session!!!   Our walks are going extremely well.  Also, Bentley is more receptive to my commands.   I will proceed with your directions and keep you informed.  I look so forward to seeing you again!


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Harley is doing WONDERFUL!¬†¬†Most of the time he will look at me (as if to ask me permission to chase the animal–which of course¬†I don’t let¬†him)¬†then he¬†totally ignores the other animal.¬† He still likes to stand at the french doors and look for squirrels.¬† When he sees me he knows he shouldn’t be over there so he immediately goes and lays down.¬† Overall he is doing great and I am very happy with his progress.¬†¬†

Thank you sooooo much ūüôā


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I just wanted to thank you for your help this afternoon.  I hope you realize how much this means to us.  We were honestly fearful that we might have had to find a new home for Porter.  I really do appreciate what you are doing for our family Рpresent and future! 

 D & S

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Trooper is doing so much better.   When did owning dogs become as much work as raising kids? Anyway, I really appreciate your help I think things are going to be just fine going forward. Oh, and the dog aggression at the fence has stopped. 


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Kona is a totally different dog today from when we got her and we owe it all to Dana Malone. When Kona first came into our lives, she had such fear aggression, she had to be muzzled at the vet because she would try to attack the doctor and she could not be around many people. From what we could piece together from her past, Kona was a victim of abuse and torment. She especially did not like kids and there was no way we could even think about having her in the same room as a child.

We met Dana almost 4 years ago through our vet, and with her help, Kona has become a dog we never would have thought possible. When we go to the vet now, Kona does not wear a muzzle, she is patient and kind with all the staff members and she shows no fear aggression to them. When Kona meets new people, she welcomes them with a tail wag and a ‚Äúsmile‚ÄĚ. Kona can now be around kids, she shows no aggression to them whatsoever. To put it all in perspective, before we met Dana, a trip to the vet with Kona would be horrible, for her and us. She would have to be muzzled and held, for fear of her lunging and biting someone. She was considered a ‚Äúdangerous‚ÄĚ dog. After Dana started working with Kona, the trips to the vet went a million times better. Now, everyone at the vet‚Äôs office knows Kona and is able to come up to her and give her a scratch and say hello.

Kona did have an accident a while back and it resulted in her having to get her front leg removed. She was at the vet for a total of 3 days, and with Dana’s help, Kona breezed through it, and did wonderfully. We would have NEVER thought that possible before we met Dana. I fully believe Dana saved Kona and gave her the second chance she deserved. We always knew Kona was a great dog, and now because of Dana, Kona can finally show everyone that she is!

Joanne and Bryan

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After being kicked out of his first puppy class for trying to eat other dogs I spent many sleepless nights wondering what options I had for my dog, Bogan.  At this point I was at the end of my rope, and the other training my dog and I had received was not helping.

I was so fortunate to hear about a great teacher that had worked wonders with other dogs. Dana was a dream come true! I was invited into her home where she watched Bogan and discovered what Bogan needed.

Dana invited me to one of her classes. I was truly surprised how well she knows and understands dogs. She was able to watch Bogan and help me learn when he was “Looking for a fight.” She taught me about dog language and what was acceptable dog behavior. I learned to watch what Bogan was doing and how to change his state of mind. She taught me to be the pack leader so Bogan could trust me.

Bogan now looks to me for support when we are out. Dana gave me a wonderful gift, one that I will be able to use the rest of my life with Bogan and other pets. I can truly say that Dana went the extra mile helping me. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for me and Bogan.


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Dana helped me so much with my husky/shepard mix Jada. Before Dana’s training session, I was embarassed and stressed out to even walk my dog because she was acting inappropriate and unpredictable around other dogs we would meet on our strolls. Growling and pulling had become normal behaviors for Jada and I didn’t know what to do or why she had begun acting like this.

After one training session with Dana I had the understanding of what I needed to do to correct and prevent this inappropriate behavior and the tools to do it. By the end of a few sessions of training I was confident and comfortable walking my dog again and even looked forward to it! Thanks so much Dana!


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Daisy and Flash

I got my Dachshund Flash when he was 4-years old. Although he was very loving to me I realized right away that he had a lot of behavior problems. When scared he would snap at people, especially children, and he attacked any dog that came near him. Because of his behavior I couldn’t take Flash places where there would be children or a lot of dogs. Classes did not work, and I kept being told that there was nothing I could do.

Thankfully, my veterinarian told me to call Dana Malone. I noticed a change in Flash within a month of our first session. She explained how Flash responded to my behavior and that the best way for me to change him was to first change how I interacted with him. She gave me simple exercises to help assert my leadership and therefore make Flash feel more secure.

Three years later, Flash is an amazingly happy dog. He is great with kids and dogs. Any child can walk up and pet him and he is behaved around other dogs. Even better, I know how to be his leader and control his behavior. Because of Dana’s help Flash was able to be the ring bearer at my wedding last October, and he readily accepted our new female dachshund in to our home.

We owe so much happiness in our household due to the incredible knowledge and skill of Dana Malone. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for a well-balanced relationship with their canine companion.


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I couldn’t have been more impressed with Dana’s skill in teaching me how to deal with the defensive aggressive behavior of my dog, Etzel. We had only two sessions, and he was even very stubborn on the first, but Dana won him over. I recommend her highly to anyone who has a dog with problem behaviors! I assure you you won’t regret it!


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We’ve had Ray for about four years, well, he’s almost five, and over the past two years he’s developed an aggression toward other dogs. We tried the dog park, which went well the first time we went, but we’ve not returned since our fourth visit when someone recognized Ray and asked him if he’d be on his best behavior that day. Most recently, my wife’s brother (our neighbor) brought home Lily, a very playful, energetic Siberian Husky. Ray is not happy.

After trying to deal with the situation on our own, we needed to call a professional. Through a strange twist of fate, we were able to learn of Dana and her extensive experience. After a brief phone consultation we agreed on an evening for a first session, which was outstanding! Dana arrived with her Pit Bull, Jayda — the perfect tester for Ray, as she’s a very dominant dog. Right away, Dana was able to tell that Ray was the “trouble-maker” and ascertained that he’s a very dominant dog himself — something I don’t think we quite fathomed completely.

Throughout the hour and a half session Dana was able to assess Raymond’s challenges and abilities, and she gave us the tools we would need to reclaim our home (yes, we had given it all to Ray) and our lives from our otherwise fantastic Scottie. Most important, we learned that while we might be good trainers, we had lost the psychological piece of the puzzle.

It has been about a month since Dana’s visit, and we have made remarkable progress with Ray, though we still have a long road ahead (as Dana assured us we would)! Ray and Lily can sit quietly while the family enjoys dinner, they can walk together, and generally roam the yard in relative peace. I am confident that we will lead Ray to his fullest potential as a member of our pack!


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